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Talks & Ideas

  • La Nuit des idées

    Thursday 28 January

    Every year in January, the French Institute’s network celebrates La Nuit des Idées (The Night of Ideas) with conferences, activities and talks around a common theme - which this year is ’TOGETHER’. Join us for free and online events on Thursday 28 January!

  • La Nuit des Idées : Together for the planet

    Thursday 28 January 17:00-18:00

    Join us for a debate with Dr Emma Woodham, Tessa Brock and Emily Benson, chaired by Dr Guillaume Latombe on the environment and the idea of being together for the planet. Talk in English, Free and Livestreamed on Facebook at 5:00pm.

  • La Nuit des Idées : Living together in post-Brexit Scotland

    Thursday 28 January 18:30-19:30

    Join us for an online conversation with Ambassador Pierre Vimont, Lord Menzies Campbell, professor Paul James Cardwell, professor Murray Pittock, chaired by Etienne Duval on how to live together in post-Brexit Scotland. Talk in English, Free and Livestreamed on Facebook at 6:30pm. The event will be introduced by Laurence Païs, Consul General of France in Scotland.

  • La Nuit des Idées : Reinventing our future together

    Thursday 28 January 20:00-21:00

    Join us for a talk with Sylvie Denis, Ken MacLeod, Martin Villeneuve chaired by Dr Una McCormack on science fiction and its role in shaping and reimagining our future - and the future of our interactions - together. Talk in English, Free and Livestreamed on Facebook at 8:00pm.

  • La Nuit des Idées : Experiencing music together

    Thursday 28 January 21:30-23:00

    With the closure of nightlife activities, join us for a virtual electronic musical experience gathering the clubbing community together with the DJs Méline and nunu. Musical event, Free and Livestreamed on Facebook, starting at 9:30pm.

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