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1942/7-2017 | Anniversary week in celebration of the lasting French presence in Edinburgh

From 21 to 31 March 2017

2017 is a year of celebration and transformation for French representation in Edinburgh and Scotland.

A whole week of diverse events will celebrate...

  • the 75 years of the Free French House, inaugurated by General de Gaulle in 1942;
  • the French Institute’s 70 years;
  • the 70 years of the French Consulate’s return to Edinburgh from Glasgow in 1946
  • the relocation of the Consulate and Institute from Randolph Crescent to the Royal Mile, where French presence will be ideally located at the heart of Edinburgh.

The Institut Français d’Ecosse was created in 1946 to ensure the vitality of the auld alliance never fades away. That commission has been carried away over the years with great success, and it remains just as vivid and relevant today. Going forward, benefiting of its new location at the Lothian Chambers in the heart of Edinburgh, the Institut Français d’Ecosse is destined the remain a driving force in the co-operative, dynamic, friendship-driven Franco-Scottish lasting bond.

The Scottish Free French House is a lasting testimony to the “oldest alliance in the world”, as General de Gaulle put it, during its inauguration on June 23, 1942. Over the years, the house has intrigued the Regent terrace strollers, seduced those who visited it, and inspired sheer wonderment (as its guests cannot help marvel at its refined, stylized classical decoration, in the best tradition of French interiors.) As a little place of France in the heart of Edinburgh, with a view grandiose on Arthur’s Seat and the Parliament, the Free French House, which is also the residence of the French Consul General, has epitomized and continues to stand for the French political presence as well as the European humanist heritage in Edinburgh and Scotland.

If you wish to participate in our events and join us in the celebration of French political & cultural presence in Edinburgh, details are available in the "Events" section of this website.

Details are also available on the French Consulate website: http://www.ambafrance-uk.org/1946-7...

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