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Adult classes

All our classes are focusing on communication skills and are taught by qualified native speakers.

Enrol now in our Spring Classes (23 April - 01 July).

  • General French, 3h/week
  • Club, 2h/week
  • Workshop, 1h30/week
  • Lunch Conversation, 1h/week

Enrol now in our Summer Classes (08 July - 17 September).

  • Semi-Intensive, 15h over 3 days
  • Intensive, 30h over 2 weeks
  • BrushUp, 10h over 2 weeks

Enrol online (for complete beginners or returning students) or take our free online placement test and we will contact you.

You can also have a look at a complete description of the level progression we use for all General French classes.

Contact: frenchclasses ifecosse.org.uk or 0131 285 6030.

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