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And Then He Ate Me

Tuesday 3 February 2015 19:30-21:00

Try to win a pair of tickets for the show And Then He Ate Me during the Manipulate Festival by taking part in our competition.

It’s the story of a little fragile house that becomes an arena for all our fears when the wolf waits threateningly outside. It’s a show about time, about love, about the everlasting fears that lurk within us all.

With And Then He Ate Me, French company Vélo Théâtre brings its theatre of images and emotions to Edinburgh for the first time as part of the Manipulate Festival, a celebration of visual theatre, puppetry and animation in Scotland.

To enter the competition, just tell us:
Which year did the first edition of Manipulate Festival happen ?

Send us your answer via email to enter the draw. Winner will be notified by email on Friday 30 January.

And Then He Ate Me
A performance by Vélo Théâtre (France)
Tuesday 3 February
Traverse Theatre

Institut Français Écosse 2022