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Café Histoire: L’épuration

Monday 8 June 2015 17:30-19:00

L’épuration (1944-1953)

Also known as the "French legal purge", "l’épuration" is one of the darkest episode of the French post-WWII period. As it affected every single class of French society, it is a memorable event. Patrick Landri will explain the causes of this "épuration" and the reason why the French historian Jacques Marseille used to say: "To all those still condemning the so-called "résistancialisme" and screaming against the lack of justice during the purge, let me remind you that equity and reason didn’t have their place in these circumstances."

Talk in French by Patrick Landri
90 mins
Members: £5 / Non members: £8

Image: Procès du maréchal Pétain, 1945

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