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Café Histoire: Le retour du général

Monday 21 January 2013 17:30-19:00

Le retour du général* (mai 1958 – septembre 1958)

After spending a few years in the political wilderness, the General de Gaulle returns to power in May 1958. Although he says he does not intend to ‘start a career of dictator at 67’, many people wonder what the real intentions of ‘the most illustrious of the French people’ are. Is the General’s return the result of mere chance? The talk will give us a chance to answer this question.

In French by Patrick Landri
90 mins
Members: £5 / Non members: £8

* : Le retour du géneral, novel by Benoît Duteurtre (Fayard, 2010).

Photo: Charles de Gaulle giving his Appel du 18 juin 1940 in the studios of the BBC in London.
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