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Ciné-récré: Neige et les arbres magiques

Friday 7 December 2018 14:00-15:00

Ciné-récré is our cinéma programme for younger children and their families. We will be screening a family-friendly film one Friday a month at 2:00pm (exact dates forthcoming). These events are free, but for members only. We invite you to book early and if you are not yet a member of the Institut français d’Ecosse, we invite you to join.

For our last ciné-récré of the year, we will be screening Neige et les arbres magiques composed of 4 beautiful and surprising short films, each one a discovery and celebration of nature in its own right.


Film 1: Neige (dir. Antoine Lanciaux et Sophie Roze | 26min)
On the night before summer holiday begins, Prune goes on the traditional end-of-year school trip. But once she leaves, an incredible blizzard hits the small city where her family lives. Once the snow settles, Philémon, her younger brother, makes an astonishing discovery: an Inuit family has made their home on a roundabout.

Film 2: One, Two, Tree (dir. Yulia Aronova | 7min)
The story of a tree, a tree like all the rest. One fine day, he jumps into a pair of boots and goes on a walk, inviting all that he meets along the way to follow him: the daily grind becomes a joyous dance.

Film 3: La petite pousse (dir. Chaïtane Conversat | 10min)
To make herself beautiful dresses, a young girl uses a magic cloth to capture flower motifs. Each night, mice transport her house from one field to another. One day, a seed falls into her mouth and a sprout starts to grow out of her belly button...
View the Trailer here.

Film 4: Tigres à la queue leu leu (dir. Benoît Chieux | 8min)
A very lazy boy, scolded by his mother who can no longer bear seeing him sleep and eat all day long, decides to get to work and reveals an imagination, inventiveness, and perseverance that no one ever suspected him of having.
View the Trailer here.

L’Enfant au grelot et Le Père Frimas

Friday, 8 February| 2:00pm
Bibliothèque Sir Patrick Geddes
In French with English subtitles
Recommended for audiences 4 years and older

Institut français d’Ecosse
West Parliament Square
Edinburgh EH1 1RF

This event is free for members, but booking is strongly recommended
Book directly online or contact us at 0131 225 5366 or info ifecosse.org.uk

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