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Cinema | "L’homme de Rio"

Tuesday 2 May 14:30-16:30

Tuesday 30 May 18:30-20:30

As airman Adrien Dufourquet embarks on an 8-day leave in Paris to see his fiancée, Agnès, two South American Indians steal an Amazon statuette from a museum and force Professor Catalan, the curator, into their car. Catalan was Agnès’ father’s companion on an Amazon expedition during which her father died. Catalan believes that the statuette is one of three which hold the secret to an Amazon treasure. Adrien arrives in time to see the Indians abducting Agnès, the only one who knows the location of the other statuettes, and he pursues them to the airport where he steals a ticket and boards the same plane.

Director: Philippe de Broca (French, 1963 – 112 mins – Comedy)
In French, with English subs.
Please book in advance: 0131 225 5366 or info ifecosse.org.uk

Institut Français Écosse 2017