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Cinema : Marcher sur l’eau (Above water)

From 12 November 2021 20:00 to 13 November 2021

On the occasion of COP 26, the Alliances Françaises Glasgow and Dublin, the Goethe Institut Glasgow and Dublin, and the Institut français d’Ecosse are delighted to be screening ONLINE the very engaging French movie ’Above Water’ (Marcher sur l’eau) directed by Aïssa Maïga, in partnership with the Climate Crisis Film Festival!!

Marcher sur l’eau dir. Aïssa Maïga (2021) | 1h30min

Available to watch ONLINE for 24h from Friday 12 November 20:00 (GMT)
on the Goethe-Institut platform

In French with English subtitles


The film will be available ONLINE for 24h from Friday 12 November 20:00 (GMT)
on the Goethe-Institut platform

Genre: Documentary

This film was selected for the official competition at the Festival de Cannes 2021

Film synopsis
From one end of the globe to the other, water is becoming increasingly scarce. For a billion people, access to safe drinking water is almost non-existent… a crisis with huge consequences. As a result, millions of families spend their lives trying to get access to water. Houlaye, 12 years-old, lives in a village in Tatis, Niger. She walks for several kilometers every day to fetch water. It is abundant during rainy season, but not found during the dry season. However, two hundred meters bellow the surface, there is a water source that goes far beyond their imagination. Houlaye’s aunt Suri convinced an NGO to build a well in the village, It is the promise of a new life for those men and women who, unknowingly, had been walking on water forever.

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