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Distance Learning: Online courses

We offer a lot of our courses that can empower you to develop your French skills to promote distance learning in our community and worldwide based on our favourite tools: Zoom & Apolearn. Our friendly team will ensure your smooth adaptation. You will master these tools and French in no time!

Intuitive tools

ZOOM Videoconferencing

To provide you with genuine classroom experience from the safety and comfort of your own home, we have chosen a leader in the field: ZOOM. Explore more via https://zoom.us/ You will have to create an account. We suggest you use the same email you used to enrol with us. That will allow us to then contact you and send you an invitation to the call. Then you’ll be able to either access it on your browser or download the software to your computer. You can also download the Zoom cloud Meetings app on your phone or tablet. We are here to assist you, should you have any issues running the software. Links will be provided through our secure distance Learning platform Apolearn.

APOLEARN - Platform for eLearning

The e-learning platform solution we decided to use is called APOLEARN. With its intuitive interface, Apolearn is easy and free for you to use on either your Mac, PC, Tablet, or Mobile devices. Functionalities include chat, file sharing, & much more… Prior to the start of the class, we will be contacting our enrolled students to discuss the platform and provide them with login details. In the meantime, give it a look https://if.apolearn.com

Learn French anytime, from your desktop, tablet or phone!

How to enrol?

  • Log into your account and book online. If this is your first time using our online enrollment platform Extranet, before subscribing you may want to take a look at this page first.
  • Unsure of your French level? Take our free online placement test and we will contact you.
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