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Les Rencontres Théâtrales 2015

These Rencontres have been created by the Institut français to support French teaching and learning. We want to encourage all those who make the choice to learn French and we value your school and your students’ participation, regardless of their linguistic skills. The jury will look at the creativity and the originality of your students’ performance. This is a great opportunity to engage them in a fun project where they will have to perform in front of an audience. So, let’s rehearse and speak out!

Enrol now for the 2015 Rencontres Théâtrales which will take place on
- 24 March at Whitehill secondary school, in Glasgow
- 26 March at Broughton High School, in Edinburgh
- 31 March at Harlaw Academy, in Aberdeen

You may check this Video of 2013 edition

Do not hesitate to contact Thomas Chaurin, Education Attaché for France in Scotland for more details or if you want to organise les Rencontres Théâtrales in your council.

A bientôt!

French Institute in Scotland 2015