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Edimbourg, la Ville à l’Envers

Saturday 15 December 2012 16:00-17:00

François Audrain
With the participation of Broughton High School

After touring in 6 countries (Quebec, Germany, Czech Republic, Turkey, China and Vietnam) with his project ‘Les Retours de l’Ecole’ (On the way back from School), French composer and musician François Audrain launches in Edinburgh a new series of collaboration with foreign schools: ‘La Ville à l’Envers’ (The City inside out).

In association with Broughton High School Audrain teamed up with pupils studying Advanced Higher French to design a video for his song Nuit étrange (Strange Night). Moving away from the usual postcard image, the participating pupils used their smartphones and pocket cams to film their city as they see and experience it in their daily life. The video will be screened as part of Audrain’s electro-rock performance ‘Edimbourg, la Ville à l’Envers’.

‘Edimbourg, la Ville à l’Envers’ will be performed in France next February as part of the Travelling Film Festival in Rennes (Brittany) which will dedicate its 2013 edition (19-26 February) to Edinburgh and Glasgow.

A very special thanks to Estelle Morali-Silver and her pupils at Broughton High School (Edinburgh) for their collaboration.

François Audrain (vocals, electric guitar, keyboards, samplings)
Armel Talarmain (electric guitar, drums)
Stéphane Grammont (video)
Production: R1R2 with the participation of the Institut français d’Ecosse.

Nuit étrange by François Audrain
Nuit étrange by François Audrain

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Les Retours de l’Ecole

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