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La Fête de la Musique

From 21 to 23 June 2020

Since 1982, every 21st of June, the crowds flow into the streets to enjoy free musical celebrations. La Fête de la Musique started in France and is now celebrated worldwide. At the French Institute in Scotland, we organise and host few concerts throughout the day. These concerts are free and open to all.

This year, in 2020, the edition will be celebrated online and we invite you to tune in, follow our social media and discover the two concerts we are bringing to you for this special day!

Sunday 21 June | 14:00 | Héloïse Bernard & José Javier Ucendo

Héloïse Bernard (soprano) and José Javier Ucendo (piano) have been exploring the rich repertoire for voice and piano over the last five years. After a degree in French Literature, Héloïse completed her Masters in Vocal Performance at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. She is one of the founders of the company daïmon, who aims to perform modern and contemporary works as well as more classical repertoire in staged recitals, in English. Javier is an MMUs graduate from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Piano Performance and Accompaniment and is finalizing his degree as Répétiteur. They met in Tallinn, Estonia, where they both completed their undergraduate studies. They have won together the third Prize of the Lied duo competition 2016 in Tallinn and were selected for the International Lied duo competition in Groningen. They have been invited twice to benefit from high-level coaching at the Oxford Lieder Festival. This concert is brought to you by the French Institute in Scotland and Live Music Now Scotland.

See the concert on our Youtube channel, Facebook or Instagram page at 2pm.

Sunday 21 June | 20:00 | cosamentale

Straight out of the Parisian experimental electronic music scene, cosamentale began in 2015 as a solo project by French artist Fabien Pages, before growing into a duo involving Dawn Ng, a PhD student in French and Francophone literature at the Université de Paris VIII, who has also given a talk about her research at the French Institute in Scotland in 2015. The duo has performed unique audio-visual experiences with screen projection in collaboration with a Franco-Ukrainian visual artist, Karina Perepadya, in Paris, Nice and Geneva. For more information, visit cosamentale Official Website.

See the concert on our Youtube channel, Facebook or Instagram page at 8pm.

These concerts are part of a bigger event organised by the French Institute in Paris, gathering numerous online musical events from the Institut Français and Alliance Française around the world. This Fête de la Musique à l’international will be shared on social media and accessible to all.

Every year, there is an open call for musicians wishing to take part in the celebration. Keep an eye on this page to see when the next open call will be for 2021.

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