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Fête de la musique

Friday 21 June 2013 18:00-22:30

Just like every year on 21 June, let’s celebrate summertime in music!

Launched in 1982 by the French ministry for culture, La Fête de la Musique has since become an unmissable annual event. Its concept: offering free concerts on the street and in public places, performed by voluntary musicians, both amateur and professional.
Celebrated in over 110 countries around the world, it is now the world’s largest music event.

Once again, Edinburgh will join the event, so let’s get together to celebrate the summer solstice in music.

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6.00 pm (50 mins)

Key figure of the Edinburgh scene and regular at the Fete de la Musique, this talented singer/songwriter combines jazz, folk and blues tones associated to her smooth voice, all in an uncluttered style. Her concert will be the occasion to rediscover her musical universe, from her debut album “Lazy and Mellow” which received good national reviews and was played on BBC radio stations throughout Britain, to the latest one, “Home”.

7.00 pm and 8.30 pm (30 mins)

La Clinik du Dr. Poembak will add a touch of madness to this 2013 Fete de la Musique.

Coming from Belgium, this Brussels-based fanfare brings together twenty musicians of diverse backgrounds, either amateur, semi-professional or professional. Whimsical, burlesque and festive, La Clinik du Dr. Poembak will make you discover an eclectic repertoire mixing all genres, including, world music, tango, jazz and techno. This likeable brass band condenses all the elements of fantasy, burlesque and festivity that tickle our toes, warm up our ears and put us up in the air as soon as the music starts!

In association with Wallonia Brussels International

7.30 pm (50 mins)

The Beat Poets were formed in 1986 by guitarist Tom Rafferty and saxophonist Keith Bruce and made their first recordings for seminal Edinburgh label 53rd and 3rd co-founded by Stephen Pastel of Glasgow surf rock’n’roll, before releasing their sole album Totally Radio on Imaginary Records.

The band were instrumental in bringing over the legend of the surf guitar Dick Dale to play concerts in Scotland after his track Miserlou featured on the soundtrack of Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction and supported his trio at the Garage, Glasgow and Edinburgh’s Citrus Club.

The Beat Poets also performed with legendary Memphis singer and songwriter of Big Star and the Box Tops, the late Alex Chilton, at the Glasgow Fair on Glasgow Green. They recently marked their 25th anniversary with an appearance at Glasgow Jazz Festival.

9.00 pm (50 mins)

Jack and The’ is a pop project led by Edinburgh-based French musician Julien Lonchamp. Strongly influenced by 60s pop music, their debut album “Vacation ( a pop up manifesto), has been subsequently mixed by the crème de la crème of French pop: Orwell, Variety Lab and Cascadeur. Performing as a quartet (vocals/guitar, flute, bass and drums) Jack and The’combines catchy melodies with elaborate orchestrations and song structures.

After touring around Ireland, Scotland and France, Jack and The’ will now bring their charming pop touch to the Institut francais!

Johnny the storywriter (video) from Jack and the on Vimeo.

Admission is free

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