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Franco-Scottish cooperation in education

The Institut français supports the cooperation in education between France and Scotland in the framework of the statement of intent for education. signed in 2013.

We support the establishment and the development of partnerships at both national and local level:

- cooperation between national agencies: France and Scotland collaborate on areas on mutual interest such as education policy, Initial Teachers Education, Headship training and more.

- cooperation between local agencies: the IFE facilitates the development of area links between local authorities in Scotland and académies in France. Presently, 30 Councils of Scotland are establishing or have established a partnership with an académie, the regional education authority in France (click here for the map of existing links). These partnerships have two major objectives:

  • develop school partnerships to forge global mindset of learners and practitioners
  • contribute to improvement in education through peer learning and share of best practices

Click here for information in english on education in France.

Contact: Philippe Sibeaud, attaché de coopération pour le français

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