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French Film Festival UK @home

From 12 to 27 March 2021

We’re delighted to announce that the French Film Festival UK will be presenting a series of special online screenings this March on their fff@home platform. As many of you missed out on some of the big titles from last year’s Festival, they have secured exclusive online screenings for six of them. Screenings will take place over three weekends from Friday 12 to Saturday 27 March. All films are being screened on the INDY On Demand platform.

All you need to do is register.
Each film is in French with English subtitles and can be rented for only £8 per film.
A £40 pass gives you access to all the films. All films are available to stream for 48h.

Just like in cinema,
space is limited so make sure you book now to reserve your spot!


Weekend 1: Friday 12 & Saturday 13 March

Love Affairs (Les choses qu’on fait, 2020) by Emmanuel Mouret | Available 12 March for 48h
Access to the film and an interview with director Emmanuel Mouret. Book now

Holidays in the French countryside provide the perfect setting for Emmanuel Mouret to continue his exploration of all things tender and loving, throwing heart, soul and passion into the subject. François has to rush back to Paris to cover for a sick colleague, leaving his partner Daphne, three months pregnant, to welcome his cousin, Maxime. In the four days till François’ return, Daphne and Maxime get to know each other, sharing increasingly intimate stories that bring them closer.

Night Shift (Police, 2020) by Anne Fontaine | Available 13 March for 48h
Access to the film and an interview with director Anne Fontaine. Book now
Based on a novel by Hugo Boris, Night Shift focuses on three Parisian police officers charged with escorting a foreigner back to the border.

Weekend 2: Friday 19 & Saturday 20 March

Home Front (Des Hommes, 2020) by Lucas Belvaux | Available 19 March for 48h

Access to the film and an interview with director Lucas Belvaux. Book now

In 1960 Bernard, Rabut, Février and many others were called up to fight in the Algerian War. Two years later, they returned to France. They said nothing and got on with their lives. But forty years on, it takes only very little – a birthday party, a gift found in someone’s pocket – for the past to overwhelm those who have denied it for so long. Adapted from the eponymous novel by Laurent Mauvignier.

Mama Weed (La Daronne, 2020) by Jean-Paul Salomé | Available 20 March for 48h
Access to the film and an interview with director Jean-Paul Salomé. Book now

A French-Arabic police translator (Isabelle Huppert) specialises in phone tapping for the anti-narcotics unit. One day, while listening to drug dealers, she discovers that one of them is the son of her mother’s devoted carer. She decides to protect him and infiltrates a huge drug trafficking network, becoming the Mama Weed in the title.

Weekend 3: Friday 26 & Saturday 27 March

The Translators (Les Traducteurs, 2019) by Régis Roinsard | Available 26 March for 48h

Access to the film and an interview with director Régis Roinsard. Book now

To ensure absolute secrecy for the global publication of a bestseller, nine skilled translators are invited to a remote location. There is no contact with the outside world. Then the publisher receives a blackmail demand, threatening to release the manuscript online. Who is behind this and who is pulling the strings becomes the basis of a stylish, entertaining thriller.

In Bed with Victoria (Victoria, 2016) by Justine Triet | Available 27 March for 48h
Book now

First seen in one of several unfruitful therapy sessions, the powerhouse blond lawyer Victoria (Virginie Efira from Night Shift) soon finds herself at a friend’s wedding where the plot officially kicks in…

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