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French Hip Hop Culture Week - Graffiti

Wednesday 28 April 2021

We are delighted to bring French Hip Hop Culture to Scotland with a series of interviews by journalist Olivier Cachin with our five guest participants: Akhénaton, Ceet, DJ Mouss, Eklips and Fabrice Fiossonangaye. We would like to extend our thanks to our guests for their participation!

Every day during the week 26-30 April 2021, we will release an interview with one of the guests on their specific Hip Hop style. Be ready to discover the five main branches of Hip Hop: Rap, DJing, Graffiti, Breakdance and Beatbox.

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DAY 3: Virtual interview with journalist Olivier Cachin and GRAFFITI artist Ceet

Interview in French (with English subtitles)

About Ceet:

CEET [pronounced: “see-tee"] Fouad is a French graffiti artist and painter from Morocco who grew up in Toulouse (France). He started painting on the streets in 1988. Since 2003, he has been based out of southern China in Shenzhen and Hong Kong and is a prolific muralist and entrepreneur. CEET has also ventured into graphic design and sculptures. He developed his unique style and paints playful Chicanos, small bubbly chickens of various colours and shapes that act as a parody of humankind. CEET has collaborated with brands such as Adidas, Le Coq Sportif, Prada, Lancel. He has, since 2016, his own Art Residence and Gallery in Shenzhen (China), Jardin Orange, where he is receiving artists from all over the world, helping them with their creativity, exhibition and by selling their artworks.

Official website of CEET and Jardin Orange Gallery

Book available soon
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About Olivier Cachin:

Olivier Cachin is a journalist, writer, TV/Radio presenter and lecturer famous for being one of the first journalists who has ever put light on French Hip Hop culture. He founded L’Affiche magazine and the television show Rapline, the first TV show dedicated to French rap music in the 90’s, and was editor in chief of hip hop magazine Radikal. He is the author of publications such as L’Offensive Rap, 100 Albums Essentiels Du Reggae, or Pop Life (the biography of Michael Jackson), or NTM biography. Every Saturday, he was on air with the radio station Mouv’ with his show La Sélection Rap. He interviewed artists such as Prince, James Brown, Chuck-D, David Bowie, Eminem, Dr Dre, Janet Jackson, Woody Allen, Martin Scorsese, Spike Lee.

Book available soon
at the library of the Institut français d’Ecosse

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