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French workshops for your class

The Institut français offers exciting French workshops for your class!

Immersion half day or day for P1 to P7 students
Games, songs, craft, stories and activities for your class.

Immersion half day or day for S1 to S6 students
A selection of workshops shedding light on the French culture while developing linguistic skills. Here are some examples of the workshops which can be proposed to your students: Gastronomie, Humour Français, Tour de France des régions, Explorons la Francophonie…

Workshops can be organised at the Institut français or in your school

Zone A: Edinburgh City Council
Zone B: up to 15 miles
Zone C: from 16 to 40 miles

To register, please fill in this form and send it back to us.

Please contact Philippe Sibeaud for more details.

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