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Goût de France 2019

Thursday 21 March 2019 11:00-23:30

On 21 March, 5,000 chefs on the five continents commit to cooking for the planet!

As a celebration of France’s great tradition of gastronomy (Inscribed in 2010 on UNESCOS’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity), chefs from around the world will work to create a French-style dinner, based around socially responsible cuisine.

It will be a demonstration of cuisine which is firmly rooted in its time and is sensitive to the needs of today: respecting our planet and healthy eating. Visitors from France and abroad will be able to sample tasty food which showcases not only local farmers and produce, but also socially responsible cuisine focusing on environmental protection.

Discover which restaurants in Scotland are participating below and find out more by visiting the Goût de France website in French or in English.

bia bistrot
Goût de France profile
19 Colinton Rd
Edinburgh EH10 5DP
0131 452 8453 | biabistrot.co.uk | Facebook

The Goût de France menu at bia bistrot consists of:

  • Filet de maquereaux, salicornes, cébettes & Romesco
  • Jarret de cochon glacé au miel, sauce au persil
  • Brie de Meaux, salade de noix & pommes, baguette
  • Ananas roti, croutons de brioche, glace noix de coco

The above menu will be available at both lunch (12.00-2.00pm) and dinner (5.00-10.00pm) services.

Le Roi Fou
Goût de France profile
1 Forth St
Edinburgh EH1 3JX
0131 557 9346 | leroifou.com

The Goût de France menu at Le Roi Fou consists of:

  • Amuse-bouche printanière
  • Quenelle de haddock fumée, sauce au vin blanc
  • Annie’s navarin d’agneau, légumes de saison, pistou à l’ail de l’ours
  • Deux fromages de mon grandpère Edgar: Tomme de Savoie & Reblochon
  • Tarte tatin & glace au Calvados

The above menu will be available for the dinner (5.00-11.30pm) service only.

Image: France.fr / Atout France


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bia bistrot Menu
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Le Roi Fou Menu
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Le Roi Fou Press Release
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