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Harpsichord en Fête

From 11 to 12 June

The Institut français d’Ecosse (IFE) announces the return of its Harpsichord en fête festival in partnership with St. Cecilia’s Hall Concert Room and Music Museum.

Edinburgh’s first-ever harpsichord festival, Harpsichord en fête is a week-long celebration of the harpsichord and baroque music. Local and European harpsichord musicians have performed including Jean Rondeau, Paolo Zanzu, Le Stagioni, David Gerrard, John Kitchen, Jan Waterfield and László Rózsa. The festival is also a moment of discovery and learning, with a series of talks/workshops held at the Institute exploring musical techniques and the influence of this storied instrument.

Taking place both at the French Institute in Scotland and at St Cecilia’s Hall, this festival aims to shed light on a branch of classical music that is specific to the Baroque period by bringing the harpsichord music into a more contemporary festival and setting. The harpsichordists coming to the festival have selected instruments directly from St Cecilia’s museum collection to perform with.

After a successful first edition, Harpsichord en fête aspires to become an essential element of the prestigious festival landscape in Edinburgh. This festival is a celebration of an instrument rooted in European culture and its history; a shared history which the French Institute in Scotland is eager to support in the name of togetherness.

Institut Français Écosse 2021