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Hors-jeu, carton rouge contre l’exclusion

Thursday 12 April 2012 18:30-20:30

Institut français d’Ecosse

13 Randolph Crescent Edinburgh EH3 7TT

The Homeless World Cup Foundation presents ’Hors Jeu’, a documentary film produced for French television channel Canal + on the occasion of the 2011 Homeless World Cup tournament in Paris. A Q&A will follow the screening.

"Hors Jeu" follows 6 players from around the world as they take part in the Homeless World Cup adventure: Kevin from France, Erika from Argentina, Rafael and Toronto from Kenya, Minami from Japan and Ayman from Palestine.

We see them train, get selected (or not) and attend the 2011 Homeless World Cup that took place on the Champs de Mars, Paris, from August 21st to August 28th 2011.

The directors say it themselves: ’It is not a film about poverty or homelessness. It is about how we see homeless people, how they see themselves and a unique way to combat it throughout the world. It is about the power of football.’
During the 8 days of the competition, the players discover another country, other teams, another life. They discover self esteem and respect. The public discover another face of homelessness, the media can focus on a topic that they usually neglect and governments are given a chance to realise how serious the problem is.

By Thomas Risch and Jérôme Mignard, 2011
In English
90 mins.
Admission Free

Screening followed by a Q&A with Mel Young, President and Co-founder of the Homeless World Cup Foundation, film directors Thomas Risch and Jérôme Mignard, and Patrick Mbeu, former Homeless World Cup player and Paris Saint-Germain football team staff member.

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The Homeless World Cup Foundation

The Homeless World Cup Foundation work with and support a network of 73 international partner organisations whose work is united through their goal to improve the lives of the people they work with, using football as the catalyst.

The main role of the Foundation is to unite these organisations and to provide support and guidance in football and management skills to help grow and develop sustainable programmes to involve and positively impact the lives of more homeless and excluded people around the world.

At the annual Homeless World Cup tournament the International Partners come together to showcase their work to the world and give their people an opportunity to demonstrate how football has the power to change lives. The tournament has been going on for 10 years, starting in 2003 in Graz Austria, and it will be held in Mexico City next October 2012. From 16 teams the first year, we will have 72 in the Mexican Capital!

Photo : Homeless World Cup Women’s Final, Kenya Vs Mexico © Esme Deacon

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