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Vive le Fringe !

It’s so nice

From 3 to 24 August 2012

Institut français d’Ecosse

A show by Compagnie Oh my God! (Wallonia)

This conference / performance / video screening creates a link between past and present. The audience is invited on a guided tour through a portrait gallery featuring two symbols of femininity and power of the 16th century: Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots, and Elizabeth I, Queen of England. Barbara Sylvain and Lula Béry question our world of political intrigues and influence games, while exploring the thin line between love and hatred, true and fake, magnificence and ridicule.
This kaleidoscopic drama shuffles the cards of power plunging the audience headlong into a right royal burlesque tragedy.

’A consistently amusing and frequently hilarious slice of irreverent comedy’ (List)
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’A wry, physical, multi-media portrait of Mary Queen of Scots and Elisabeth I by two very talented performers. Highly recommended.’ (The Herald)

‘Absolutely delightful!’ (Le Soir) > read the full review

‘Imaginative and instructive, tasty and funny.’ (La Libre Belgique)

Category Theatre / Physical Theatre, Historical (14+)
Preview 3 August (£5)
Dates 4–24 August
Time 4.00 pm (70 minutes)
Price £10 (£8)


Authors and perfomers
Lula Béry and Barbara Sylvain

Supported by
Wallonie-Bruxelles International
Wallonie-Bruxelles Théâtre/Danse

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