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L’Oreille musicale: Garage rock

Thursday 15 November 2012 18:00-19:00

Ahead of their concert, the Franco-Scottish band Les BOF! discuss the garage rock genre and the bands who made it famous with Gildas Bouric.

Garage Rock is a generic name for a genre that gathers several other names: U.S punk 60’s, psychedelic 60’s, psychedelic punk, garage punk 80’s or Australian Rock... Garage rock appeared in the US at the end of the 50’s and became popular in the 60’s.

Famous Garage bands ? The Stooges or The Kinks.
The main characteristic of garage music? A “dirty” and raw sound recorded with minimalist equipment and with very few or even no arrangements, as if recorded in a garage.

In France, an important band La Souris deglinguée (LSD) was founded in the late 70’s and played Garage for a long while. Today, the band from Perpignan The Hushpuppies has relaunched the Garage genre with their first album ‘The Trap’ released in 2005 and the single : You’re gonna say yeah .

’You’re gonna say yeah!’ Hushpuppies’ music video 2006

In French by Gildas Bouric with Les BOF!
60 mins
Admission free

Image: Photo cover for Too Much Class for the Neighbourhood by Dogs (1982)

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