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La Bataille de Solférino

Tuesday 24 March 2015 18:00-19:30

Wednesday 25 March 2015 13:00-14:30

Sunday 6th May 2012. François Hollande is about to be elected as President of the Republic. The Rue de Solférino, headquarters of the French Parti Socialiste, is full of militants ready to celebrate their victory. At the same time another battle is happening. Laetitia, a TV news reporter covering the event, and former boyfriend Vincent are fighting each other for their children’s custody. When personal stories meet History, the situation grows worse.

Director: Justine Triet (2013, 94 mins)
With: Vincent Macaigne, Lætitia Dosch, Arthur Harari, Virgil Vernier
Production: Ecce Films
In French with English subtitles


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