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La Nuit des Idées : Experiencing music together

Thursday 28 January 21:30-23:00

To close off the Night of Ideas, we are offering a musical event designed to bring together a community that unfortunately no longer has access to nightly events with the closure of music clubs. The event will take place in the form of a live stream, with DJs accompanied by a visual mixing performance. Through the music, the artists aim to recreate a sense of closeness.

About nunu: Nunu’s hyper-sonic tracks and mixes are a favourite of seasoned club-goers, with relentless drums and complex sound-design dominating the fold. He loves to explore the boundaries between organic and electronic through the intricate creation of angular noises and off-kilter grooves. An expert in pushing the limits of where club music can take you.

Listen here | Instagram

About Méline: Glasgow-based French DJ Méline is an expert in crafting intricate feelings and moods from down-tempo, ambient, and simply downright beautiful selections. Crafting intricate sonic worlds on her radio show murmuru her gentle cross-genre touch will leave you spellbound to the sounds of another world.

Follow her shows here

About Violeta West: Parisian multidisciplinary artist Violeta West dreams up of surrealist colourful landscapes, askew shapes and bodies. Adeptly blending between and across genres and styles, she is a true virtuoso of the club. Her vision for the creation of unique scenes and musical moments is unparalleled and she is guaranteed to keep you transfixed to her sounds.

Instagram @violetawest | Twitter | Facebook

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