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Les Citoyens manquants

Thursday 18 February 2016 18:00-19:30

French philosopher Rada Ivekovic looks at the new situations of graduated citizenship produced by migrations to Europe and explores the concept of ’missing citizens’.

In this talk, renowned contemporary theorist Rada Ivekovic will address issues relating to migration in contemporary European nations. The subject of her most recent book Les Citoyens manquants (Al Dante, 2015), questions surrounding migrants wishing to enter and settle in Europe have become only more pressing since its publication.

Her talk will be followed on Friday 19th February, 2pm, by a paper at the ‘Diasporic Trajectories’ seminar at Edinburgh University’s IASH which is similarly open to the public.

Professor Ivekovic’s visit to Edinburgh is the result of a collaboration between the Diaspolinks Research Group, the Institut français d’Ecosse, and the French department of the University of Edinburgh.

Talk in French by Dr Rada Ivekovic
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