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Vive le Fringe !

Movements and Words - Workshops

From 13 to 24 August 2012

Institut français d’Ecosse

13 Randolph Crescent, Edinburgh EH3 7TT

Workshops open to everyone without any dancing skills required. The key word is to have fun and connect with your body in a very playful and laid-back atmosphere.

Dancer Myriam Hervé-Gil returns to Edinburgh for a new series of workshops exploring the relationship between words and actions, in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Divided in 2 hours workshops over 5 days, these sessions are open to everyone, whatever their physical condition.

Myriam will make you explore the connections between words and body movements. This artistic concept is based on working on the basics day-to-day gestures: to bend down to pick up, to stretch out an arm to catch, to look up to look at something, to run to catch a bus, to sit down and rest, etc.

The second stage of work will focus on these movements in space, adding up levels (sitting, standing, lying) and qualities such as speed, slowness, relaxation, stress, jerk, and feelings like anger, tiredness, pleasure, fear, surprise… to finally explore the theatricality aspect of movements.

Each workshop will focus on one idiomatic expression:
Être fort comme un boeuf / To be as strong as a horse.
Avoir la chair de poule / To have goose bumps
J’ai un chat dans la gorge / I have a frog in my throat
Je l’ai échappé belle / I have escaped by the skin of my teeth…

2 sessions (5 workshops each)
From Monday 13 August to Friday 17 August
From Monday 20 August to Friday 24 August
11.00am – 1pm

Workshops are limited to 14 people (Minimum 6 people to host class)
The workshops are reserved in priority to people registering for all 5 workshops, since a public presentation will be performed at the end of each week.

Single workshop (2 hours): £10
Workshop session (10 hours): £40

Given the limited number of participants, we ask you to book as soon as possible.

Box Office: 0131 225 53 66

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