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Night of Ideas 2022: (Re)building together

Thursday 10 February 18:00-19:00

The Night of Ideas comes back this February!

Panel Discussion
Thursday 10 February, 6pm
Free Event in English

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Every year in January, the French Institute’s network celebrates La Nuit des Idées with conferences, activities and talks around a common theme that changes every year. Celebrating the flow of ideas between countries and cultures, disciplines and generations: The Night of Ideas is an invitation to discover new ways of thinking, to listen to those who theorised new ideas in specific fields, to exchange on some of the major issues of our time. All forms are welcome (conference, theatre, performance, screenings, concert...) and the most prestigious and unexpected ideas are invited to join the party, offering an original interpretation of the chosen theme. The Night of Ideas is shared through all the French Institute’s social networks, making it a global event.

This year’s theme is "(Re)building together". We are collectively coming to the realisation that we reached a socio-economic and environmental global crisis. While this state of emergency is simultaneously redefining our individual rights and reshaping our political ground, it is simultaneously bringing back to light our collective duty as citizens. A collective desire for actions and initiatives is raising: it now appears more and more clearly that the only way we’ll survive this world is by rebuilding it, together.
This debate will discuss the question: making the most of making - the recent crises have made way for unbridled creativity and inventiveness. Artists, craftsmen, designers and architects are designing new ways of experiencing the world. To what extend will they shape our future?

Meet our panellists just below!

About Belocine Musolo: ’I am Belocine Musolo, the French and Congolese fashion designer behind Nephtali Couture. Loving fashion, clothing and African print so much, I learned how to sew by myself so I would be able to rock those popping colours in a modern way. After my studies in Biology, I had a job offer in Scotland and I expatriate to this beautiful country. While walking in the streets of Ayr with my ethnic dress, from wee girls to grandma’s, men or little boys, everybody was smiling at me, complimenting me and asking where I got my outfit from. Then it was a revelation: I would create a brand for Scottish, British and everyone to feel good, stylish and unique in African printed clothes !’.

About Nephtalie Couture: ’Nephtali is a name that means "I fought and I won". This name was chosen because we believe that in life nothing is given to you. You have to fight, work, make it happen until you win. Inspired by Belocine’s double culture, we take traditional fabric to create modern and fashionable dresses & skirts for woman, and elegant bow ties & pocket square for men. Nephtali Couture also offers custom made services, to give life to your wishes.Every product is handmade with love. Our workshop is based in Ayr, Scotland, UK’.


Facebook @nephtalie.couture | Instagram @nephtali.couture

About John Thorne: How we live, work, play, design and make will determine humanity’s future, how easy or hard that future is, and how equitable and socially just our society is. An art school turns out to be the ideal place for a committed environmentalist to explore these issues, and John’s nine years at Glasgow School of Art have taught him plenty about design and art, while supporting and engaging with student artists and designers. A mix of work within Scotland’s National Parks, Enterprise network and universities has convinced him that the answer to our major crises like climate change lie in the psychology of our inaction, and that we must systematically redesign our lives, utilising all disciplines to take meaningful action. We can visualise this positive future through art, and design it with a clear aim to create an equitable, cleaner, healthier, connected and peaceful future..

About GSA sustainability: GSA Sustainability works within the Glasgow School of Art’s curriculum and estate on issues of social, environmental and ethical (SEE) interest. It aims is to support students to question their practice, to question why things are done the way they are, and to offer future solutions and inspiration to create a more positive, innovative society, and a safer and better planet.


Facebook @SustainabilityAtGSA | Instagram @ gsasustainability | Twitter @GSoASustain

About Barrington Reeves: Starting his career as a graphic designer and promoter Barrington quickly expanded his skill set into photography, art direction, copy writing and Branding which led to the creation of the Too Gallus agency. Beginning with small independent businesses Too Gallus quickly moved on to secure international market leading clients such as Red Bull and Nike for major art direction and creative work. Outside of the agency Too Gallus also runs a pillar of Glasgow’s nightlife culture – Magic City, a hiphop and RnB night which gives many in the city their first touch on black culture – this explosive night has lead him to opportunities such as supporting Virgil Abloh on his world club tour, hosting brand partnerships and opening the conversation around the need for spaces for POC in Scotland. With a flair for culturally relevant and impactful work Too Gallus hopes to cement Scotland’s place on the cultural map as a serious contender for art, design, music and fashion

About Too Gallus: Too Gallus is a creative agency operating at the cross section of design and culture.


Instagram @too_gallus

About Assa Samaké-Roman: Assa Samaké-Roman is a French journalist covering Scottish politics, current affairs and culture for the French-speaking media (Radio France Internationale, Radio-télévision Suisse, le Figaro, Politis..), and writing opinion pieces in The National newspaper and website. Her first book, Ecosse : Hadrien et la licorne (Nevicata editions) was published in November 2020. She also co-produces Ecosse Toujours, and is currently working on the launch of La Revue Ecossaise, a magazine about Scotland in French.


Twitter @Terfele | Instagram @Terfele

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