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Vive le Fringe !

No Easy Answers - Adam Lewis Jacob

From 26 July 2018 to 26 August 2018

‘The suburbs dream of violence.’ JG Ballard, Kingdom Come, 2006.

For the 2018 Edinburgh Art Festival, Adam Lewis Jacob presents No Easy Answers, an experimental moving image installation combining manipulated animations, found material and interviews between the artist and his Nan, which are interrupted by short narrative excursions. Using the language of video advertising, No Easy Answers centres on the contradictory nature of the shopping centre as both a ‘nurturing space’ and ‘decaying womb’, a contested political arena representative of Britain’s shift from industrial producer to service provider.

The work takes J G Ballard’s novel Kingdom Come, Brexit and the increasing abstraction of economics as starting points, to look into the role these spaces play in the construction of identity and political opinion within late capitalism.

26 July - 26 August | 10am - 6pm
Open to all - Free

Institut français d’Ecosse
West Parliament Square
Edinburgh, EH1 1RF

Credits: Adam Lewis Jacob, pre-production research image. Courtesy of the artist.

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