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Open Call for Musicians! Fête de la Musique

From 16 April 2020 23:05 to 3 May 2020 17:00

The Fête de la Musique aka Music Day emerged from France in the 80s and is now celebrated worldwide, taking place on the 21st of June every year with a day-long series of FREE concerts by French musicians or by talented people making music in tune with France. Not all time slots at our Music Day programme are taken yet. Apply now to be part of it!

About The Fête de la Musique
Created in 1982 the Fête de la musique is now an established tradition in France (and many other places around Europe and the Francophone world) taking place on the 21st of June. On that very special day, musicians of diverse genres come out onto the streets, the squares, and the cafés to perform for free.

Complete programme will be available shortly.

You are a talented musician liking to participate in the Fête de la Musique at the Institut français d’Ecosse? Please, contact us at 0131 285 60 30 or ifecosse.edimbourg-cslt diplomatie.gouv.fr with the following information before Sunday 3 May 5pm

  • Name of the group
  • Number of people on stage
  • Type of music
  • Instruments that will be played
  • Duration of concert
  • Description of the group/music (100 words max.)
  • Website/Social media links
  • Cover letter with mini bio where you explain your link to France & French culture
  • Please enclose a visual or picture that represents your group (this can be a picture of the musicians/singers or a graphic visual)

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