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Parenthèse (science): Organisation des gènes dans le noyau - causes et conséquences

Wednesday 25 May 2016 18:00-19:30

Our DNA, the library containing our genetic information, is stored in the nucleus of our cells. All our cells contain the same DNA. However, the different cell types (i.e. a neuron versus a skin cell) have distinct properties and functions. In fact, only a part of the information is read in each cell type. One of the mechanisms that regulate which information has to be read is the position of genes (the different books within the library) within the nucleus. For example, the genes positioned at the periphery are usually not read. Therefore, correct gene positioning is crucial to maintain a proper function of our cells.

Doctor in cellular biology Charlène Lemaitre works on gene positioning regulation during development and the implications on the use of stem cells in regenerative medicine.

During her presentation, she will be describing what is known on the « causes » of gene positioning and will be discussing on some of the consequences of it, including cancer formation.

Charlène Lemaitre works in the MRC Human Genetics Unit at the IGMM(Institute of genetics and molecular medicine) - University of Edinburgh.

Talk in French by Charlène Lemaitre
90 mins (incl. Q&A)
PLEASE BOOK IN ADVANCE : 0131 225 5366 or info ifecosse.org.uk

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