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Patrick Bokanowski

Friday 20 January 2012 20:00-23:30

Institut français d’Ecosse

13 Randolph Crescent Edinburgh EH3 7TT

KinoKlub, Edinburgh’s surreal film collective returns for another heady dose of the weird and the wonderful, this time from director Patrick Bokanowski at the Institut.

KinoKlub dedicates its January edition to Patrick Bokanowski, who has been referred to as an ‘unclassifiable artist-alchemist of celluloid, author of the most fantastic visions in French cinema’ (Vincent Ostria, Les Cahiers du Cinéma).

The screening will feature two of Bokanowski’s short films as well as a feature-length which stand comparison with the more abstracted moments of David Lynch and the Brothers Quay:
- La Femme qui se poudre (A Woman Powdering Herself, 18 mins, 1972)
- Déjeuner du matin (Morning Lunch, 12 mins, 1974)
- L’Ange (The Angel, 70 mins, 1983)

In these films with no dialogues, the music composed by his wife and composer Michèle Bokanowski is an integral part to the surreal atmosphere, defying all traditional laws for film music.

Join us as we delve into the back catalogue of this master of avant-garde experimental cinema!

The screening will be framed before and after by the surreal aural sounds of DJ Red Crayon Spiders, notorious for his eccentric musical influences. Red Crayon Spiders will also be providing tunes for an afterparty vibe in the Institute post-screening. Expect to hear anything from the wacky ditties of Ivor Cutler to the weirder side of Bowie, by way of Kraftwerk and Portishead. Drinks and dancing till midnight.

About KinoKlub
KinoKlub is an Edinburgh based collective formed by Malgorzata Bugaj and Morvern Cunningham.
KinoKlub is committed to showcasing some of the best in surreal film from all eras and around the globe on a regular basis. In previous screenings, KinoKlub have showcased Polish and Czech surreal animation, screened Laloux’s Fantastic Planet with Suzan Pitt’s Asparagus and run an evening of dissection and body horror-related shorts in an old anatomy theatre. kinoklubedinburgh.wordpress.com

Members: admission free / Non members: £2
Tickets are limited. Book now by phone 0131 225 5366 or in person at the Institute.

The same three films will be screened 
(16mm films) at the Papay Gyro Nights Art Festival in Orkney in February 2012, with the support of the French Institute.

Patrick Bokanoswki works are published on DVDs by British Animation Awards (BAA). www.britishanimationawards.com

Picture: L’Ange (The Angel). Copyright Light Cone.

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