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Rencontre littéraire : Laurence Tardieu

Thursday 21 November 2019 13:00-14:00

While she is in residence at the University of St Andrews, French author Laurence Tardieu will come to the Institut to discuss her books and writing career with Dr Elise Hugueny-Léger.

About Laurence Tardieu
She was born in Marseille in 1972. She has been writing since she was a child: for her, writing is an essential activity, not just an aspect of life but something that lies at its very heart, making it both possible and meaningful. In 1998, she decided she would devote herself to writing. That same year she discovered theatre and enrolled in a three-year drama course at the Conservatoire d’art dramatique in Paris, graduating in 2001. Her first novel, Comme un père, was published in 2002. For a few years, her activity as a writer ran alongside her theatre work, until, in 2006, she decided to devote herself entirely to writing.

The publication of her sixth novel, La Confusion des peines (2011), marked a turning point in her trajectory as a writer: for the first time, she was dealing with autobiographical material. This text was to have a profound effect, marking a break which led to changes in her writing and her reflections on literature. She next published a writing diary, L’écriture et la vie, which traces her attempt to ‘rediscover meaningful words’ after two years of being unable to write. It was this writing diary which allowed her to banish her fears and return to writing: her next work, Une Vie a soi, came out in 2014. À la fin le silence, a work born of two experiences of trauma and dispossession, one personal, the other collective, was published in 2016. Her most recent work, Nous aurons été vivants (2019) marks a joyful return to fiction.

Her writing is an attempt to strip down experiences and people to their very core: what is left of us when the masks are removed? For her writing is a quest, a quest with truth—our truth(s)—as its endpoint. Writing, above all else, experience. Thrilling experience, but risky too, grappling with life.

After having run a series of writing workshops at the Sorbonne Nouvelle and at Science Po, Tardieu has for the past four years been in charge of a writing course with the NRF (Nouvelle Revue Française) entitled ‘Les frontières de l’intime’.

She is the recipient of many prizes, including the prix Alain Fournier for Puisque rien ne dure.

Source: University of St Andrews

Event details

Rencontre littéraire : Laurence Tardieu
Thursday, 21 November | 1-2pm
IN FRENCH | Free and open to all

Institut français d’Ecosse
Salle Emilienne Moreau-Evrard (1st floor)
West Parliament Square
Edinburgh EH1 1RF

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