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Robert Louis Stevenson and the Pirates

Friday 24 February 2012 12:00-13:00

Institut Français d’Écosse

13 Randolph Crescent Edinburgh EH3 7TT

In this illustrated talk, Pr Eric Graham will explore how Robert Louis Stevenson, while on rain drenched holiday in Braemar, drew a treasure map to amuse his step son from which his novel Treasure Island crystallised. He based his immortal pirate characters Long John Silver and his band of old cut-throats from real pirate history - including Olivier ‘La Buse’ Levassiour of Calais and Captain James Macrae of Ayr.

Pr Eric Graham is a graduate of Strathclyde and Exeter Universities where he studied Scottish and Maritime history. He has been widely published and his doctoral thesis provided the basis of his book : A Maritime History of Scotland (1650-1790) .

As one of the founding member of the ESME (Early Scottish Maritime History Exchange), he is involved in a lot of Scottish maritime research projects. He is regurlarly invited on the media as a historical expert.

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