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Simon Roger on Yannick Noah

Friday 3 February 2012 18:00-19:30

Institut français d’Ecosse

13 Randolph Crescent Edinburgh EH3 7TT

Come along to a series of monthly talks in which a French sports journalist discusses what being a sportsman means nowadays.

La Tête et les Jambes Talks

’La Tête et les Jambes’ Talks start from the reflections that Henri Desgrange, media magnate and founder of the Tour de France, developed in his training handbook La Tête et les Jambes (Head and Legs, 1894): the essential necessity of mental strength and strategy as well as a good physical condition to be an authentic ‘champion’.
What does a man need to be a ‘champion’ nowadays? ‘La tête et les jambes’ obviously, but what else? Charisma? Money? Political statements? Doping or even mechanical assistance?

On Yannick Noah

Join Simon Roger for the first talk of the series and explore with him some of these fascinating questions through the figure of the highly popular tennis player Yannick Noah who was the favourite celebrity of the French people in 2011.
Noah has been a great sportsman and succeeded in managing his life after sport, just as other famous French sportsmen did such as David Douillet, current French Minister for Youth and Sports and former judoka. How comes Noah, now a renowned singer has such an influential voice. Is it the field he chose? His charisma? His stance on politics?     

Simon Roger is French journalist for the daily newspaper Le Monde. He’s currently covering sports as deputy sports editor. Previously he worked as a freelance correspondent in Warsaw and Hong Kong.

Yannick Noah v Mats Wilander, French Open (Roland Garros) Final 1983
(02h59mins22s). Video dated 5 June 1983.

Talk in English
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Photo : Yannick Noah © myphotobooks

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