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Talk: David Hume and France

Tuesday 19 March 2019 18:45-19:45

Prof. David Purdie, Honorary Fellow of the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities (University of Edinburgh), will be delivering a talk on the great Scottish Enlightenment thinker David Hume, whose associations with France were strong and lifelong.

A student for three years at the Collège Royal de La Flèche produced his greatest work in philosophy, A Treatise of Human Nature. Later he was a diplomat at the British embassy in Paris and a close friend and correspondent of great French philosophes Denis Diderot, Baron d’Holbach, and Jean d’Alembert. As an example of the esteem in which Hume was held in France, when he met the ten-year-old Duc de Berry (later Louis XVI), the Dauphin said:

Monsieur, you are much admired in this country; your name is very well-known; and it is with great pleasure that I welcome you.

It is with a similar pleasure that we invite Prof. Purdie to the Institut during the Semaine de la Francophonie for him to deliver this delightfully insightful talk on David Hume.

Event details:

David Hume and France
A talk by Prof. David Purdie
Tuesday 19 March 2019, 6.45pm - 7.45pm

Institut français d’Ecosse
Salle Emilienne Moreau-Evrard (First floor)
West Parliament Square
Edinburgh EH1 1RF

Access Details
The Institut français d’Ecosse and the Salle Emilienne Moreau-Evrard are fully accessible with step-free access available at West Parliament Square and George IV Bridge.

Book directly online or contact us at 0131 285 6030 or info ifecosse.org.uk

Image: Statue of David Hume by Alexander Stoddart
Credit: Bandan

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