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Talk: Ensemblance by Luis de Miranda

Tuesday 10 March 18:00-19:00

The Transnational Genealogy of Esprit de Corps in France, UK, and the USA, from the Eighteenth Century Philosophers to Present Nationalisms
A talk by Luis de Miranda, PhD

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About the event
Is esprit de corps the secret engine of history?

- Unveils the hidden and conflicting ideologies at stake behind the concept of esprit de corps and its contemporary uses
- Focuses on the discursive uses of esprit de corps in various transnational contexts and in the long term, from 1700 to present times
- Combines intellectual history, cultural history, philosophy, history of ideas, discourse analysis, political theory and labour history
- Offers a fresh look into the modern dialectics of individualism and collectivism, structure and agency, laissez-faire and corporatism
- Deepens our understanding of the history of corporate capitalism and its military influences, as well as to understand the current revival of occidental nationalism

Esprit de corps has played a significant role in the cultural and political history of the last 300 years. Through several historical case studies, Luis de Miranda shows how this phrase acts as a combat concept with a clear societal impact. He also reveals how interconnected, yet distinct, French, English and American modern intellectual and political thought is. In the end, this is a cautionary analysis of past and current ideologies of ultra-unified human ensembles, a recurrent historical and theoretical fabulation the author calls ‘ensemblance’.

Event details
Talk: Ensemblance, by Luis de Miranda
Tuesday, 10 March | 6pm
Language: Presentation in English with moments in French
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