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Vive le Fringe! 2018

Vive le Fringe ! 2018 Institut français d’Écosse, Edimbourg

Since 2011 the French Institute in Scotland has curated a theatre and music program called «Vive le Fringe! » during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It aims to showcase the best of French theatre and music alongside shows inspired by French culture, history and language. This year the French Institute in Scotland has moved into its beautiful new building situated in the most prized fringe location: the Royal Mile, the epicentre of the Edinburgh Fringe and the city itself. With over 3000 shows on offer every year during the festival, this exciting new development means that the French Institute offers an excellent and much-coveted platform for artists and companies to attract audiences and industry professionals.

What we are looking for:

Theoretically, anyone can apply to be part of the Vive le Fringe program, but here are some of the things we will be looking to include in our program:
- Artists from France and other francophone countries.
- Francophone artist based anywhere
- Artists whose work has a strong, demonstrable thematic link to French culture, history or language.
- Shows that can adapt to our spaces and limited technical equipment (see - Technical Limitations section below and Technical Spec document)
- Artists that have a good understanding of the specifics of mounting a show at the Fringe
- A commitment to performing for the entirety of the Fringe (August 4th to 28th)
- Shows that are world premieres, if not, UK premieres
- Shows that have already been performed in France
- Franco-Scottish co-productions
- Companies who can show a commitment to getting the most out of the experience, the opportunities, and the community offered by the Edinburgh Fringe.

What we offer:

Unlike every other venue at the Fringe, we do not charge venue fees. We operate on a Box Office split arrangement of which 60% goes to the company and 40% to the French Institute.
- We pay your Edinburgh Fringe Festival registration fees up front and take them out of the box office at the end of the festival. For 2018 Registration Fee details please see: https://www.edfringe.com/take-part/...
- We offer a warm and welcoming centrally located venue on the Royal Mile - the epicentre of the Fringe.
- We have two spaces: a main theatre space of 70 seats with a basic lighting rig and PA, and a more intimate theatre space of 25 seats, for shows with minimal technical requirements, only lighting, no sound.
- We offer Marketing and PR Support from the French Institute.
- We offer anything the staff at the French Institute can help you with. We are here to welcome you and your company and orientate you to the wonderful environs of Edinburgh and the exciting opportunity of performing The Edinburgh Fringe.

What you need to do

- Adapt your show to our space and technical specifications.
- Create, produce, and finance every other aspect of your show
- Keep in touch with us and promptly prepare your Fringe registration documents as well as all information requested for our marketing campaign for Vive le Fringe
- Organise your own accommodation in Edinburgh during the Fringe. Please note, that contrary to previous years, we are unable to offer accommodation to any artists wishing to perform at Vive le Fringe

Technical Limitations:

Due to the nature of our spaces it is important to keep the following in mind when applying to Vive le Fringe 2018.
- Stage Orientation: As this is our first year hosting the Fringe at this new venue, the orientation of the theatre space has not been decided. The room will be set out in one of two ways. 1.) a raised stage with level seating, or 2.), a flat stage covered with dance floor/carpet with raked seating.
- No Haze / Smoke: Due to fire regulations we cannot accept applications from shows that have haze or smoke effects.
- Lighting Set up: The stage will be covered by an even wash of light that can be coloured.  A variety of specials may be available on request.
- Sound Set up: The stage will be set up with a PA and speakers, any extra sound equipment (mics, cables, extra speakers, etc.) will need to be provided by visiting companies themselves.

How to Apply

To apply please send the following to emmanuel.cocher diplomatie.gouv.fr
- a completed application form
- a CV of your company’s work to date (please include a copy in English if you can)
- a technical specification document for your show including a brief suggestion of how you plan to adapt your show to our space and technical requirements.

Calendar of Important Dates:

2nd February 2018 5pm: deadline for Vive le Fringe 2018 Applications
14th March 2018 5pm: deadline for Discounted brochure rate for EdFringe Brochure
11th April 2018 5pm: Final Deadline for inclusion in EdFringe Brochure
6th June 2018: Full Fringe program launch
3-27 August 2018: Edinburgh Festival Fringe

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