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Vive the [R]évolution: Poems in translation

Friday 5 December 2014 19:00-20:00

Madeleine Campbell will give a bilingual reading of prose and poetry by Mohammed Dib and discuss ways in which her approach to translation is dictated by his very singular style in the broader context of Maghrebi literature of French expression.

She will also discuss her collaborative practice project Jetties, designed to stage Mohammed Dib’s writings through workshops in which participants ‘translate’ his poetics through sound, gesture, movement and sculpture.

Madeleine Campbell writes poems, mostly in translation.Born in Canada, she lived in France for over a decade before settling in Scotland. Her creative interests include francophone literature, surrealism, ekphrastic and found poetry. Her research explores the concept of translation as a performative rather than representational act and she has recently completed her PhD at the University of Glasgow. In addition to traditional practice, she has translated Algerian Author Mohammed Dib (1920-2003) collaboratively and across disciplines. Her translations of poets from the Maghreb have been published in the Book of North African Literature by California University Press (Eds.Pierre Joris and HabibTengour, 2012) and in Scottish Poetry in Translation (SPIT), Ed. Stewart Sanderson. She recently co-edited Quaich: An Anthology of Translation in Scotland Today (2014) with Georgina Collins and Anikó Szilágyi, featuring learned essays and translations into English, Scots and Gaelic from a variety of languages ranging from Māori to Russian and Finnish.

More about Madeleine Campbell here.

Performance in English and French by Madeleine Campbell
60 mins
Members: £3 / Non members £5

Image: Based on a print of Stéphane Mallarmé by James Whistler (1892, published 1893, The Art Institute of Chicago)

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