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Vive the [R]évolution : Poems in translation

Friday 6 March 2015 19:00-20:30

As part of Vive The [R]évolution : Poems in translation series, Meg Bateman gives a bilingual reading of her poems both in English and in Gaelic.

Gaelic poet Meg Bateman has been bringing new qualities to Gaelic poetry since her first publications in the 1990s. Also writing in English and translating Gaelic poetry into English, she will embrace the Vive The [R]évolution format with a performance based on her poems in English and Gaelic, and will offer her views on languages seen as different mediums for creation.

After studying Gaelic at Aberdeen University, Meg Bateman achieved a doctorate in Classical Gaelic religious poetry. In the meantime she also began to write her own poetry in Gaelic and to translate English poetry in Gaelic.

More about Meg Bateman
- Scottish Poetry Library

Performance in English and Gaelic by Meg Bateman
60 mins
Members : £3 / Non members £5

Image : Based on a print of Stéphane Mallarmé by James Whistler (1892, published 1893, The Art Institute of Chicago)

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