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Workshops & Clubs

Broaden your knowledge of French culture and learn to sustain interesting conversations with intellectuals and experts. We offer our clubs (2hrs/week) & workshops for students from intermediate to advanced level French skills.

Club de Traduction

In addition to our general clubs (B2-C2) that could empower you to discover French culture, we also offer a translation-themed club where students can explore, through a comparative approach, translation work with a variety of French and English texts on arts & culture.
▲ Level: C2
▲ by Franck Magloire, the author of Ouvrière (Éditions de l’Aube, 2002, points Seuil 2012) among other and recipient of Prix littéraire de la Ville de Caen (2003) award.
▲ Each term period

Perfectionnement Workshop

Cours de perfectionnement à partir de documents authentiques (vidéo, magazines, journaux). Compréhension orale et expression orale. Enrichissement du vocabulaire et des structures grammaticales.
▲1.5 hrs/week for over 11 weeks
▲Various slots available for B2 & C1
▲ Each term period

Lunch Hour Conversation

Conversation en français à l’heure du déjeuner.
▲1h/week for over 11 weeks
▲ Level: C1
▲Every Wednesday from 12:15 to 13:15
▲ Each term period

Parler de Cinéma

During this workshop in French, you will be analyzing the classics and the forgotten gems that made the history of French cinema.
▲ Level: C2
▲ By Dr François Giraud
▲ Upcoming dates TBA

Chant et Poésie


Through this workshop you will be getting an in-depth insight into the phonetic aspects of the French language with poetry and singing activities. In the first session, we will be focusing on what makes French special in terms of sound with an introduction to the phonetic alphabet. The second session will be about choosing the poem you would be working on, while the third session is about singing for those who would like to and Héloïse will be offering company with her guitar.
▲ Level: from B1.3 onwards (intermediate and advanced)
▲ By Héloïse Bernard
▲ Upcoming dates TBA

Des livres et Vous

Atelier Littérature.
L’objectif du cours est de communiquer en français (compétences linguistiques niveau C2) sur quelques romans contemporains publiés notamment lors de l’évènement culturel de la Rentrée littéraire du mois de septembre.
▲1h/Session (3 Sessions on trimester 4)
▲ Level: C2 - Expert II Level
▲ 12:00 -13:00

- The first Literature Workshop of 2022 will be on the books La plus secrète mémoire des hommes by Mohamed Mbougar Sarr and will take place online on Saturday, 22 January at 12:00pm. Click here for more information and to book your space!

- The next Groupe de Lecture of 2022 will be on the book Saint Phalle. Monter en enfance, by Gwenaelle Aubry and will take place online on Saturday, 05 February at 12:00pm. Click here for more information and to book your space!

- The next Groupe de Lecture of 2022 will be on the book Chevreuse by Patrick Modiano and will take place online on Saturday, 05 March at 12:00pm. Click here for more information and to book your space!

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