French Region Workshop 1 : Aquitaine

Starting 5 October

What do « les cannelés », the International Comics Festival and the Cathedral of Saint-Cecilia have in common? 

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With Eloïse TASSOTTO.

They are all trademarks of “la Nouvelle-Aquitaine”, which is the largest region of France, situated in the South-West. This is our first stop in this “tour de France” of regions, where you’ll go on a journey to find out more about the diversity of the French landscapes, identities and cultural heritage.

  • Number of participants
    From 6 to 14 students
  • Teaching format

    A total of 3 sessions (6 hours), one session corresponds to 2 hours of teaching.

  • Discounts
    Early bird
    An Early bird -10% discount is automatically included when enrolling at least three weeks before the term starting date.
    A specific -15% Concession discount is intended for:
    Full time university students, unemployed people registered at the Job Centre, GTCS registered teachers.
    Before enrolling, please write us an email attaching a proof of status to get the discount concession code.


  • The fee includes a membership card to enjoy borrowing rights in the Library, films at our cinema and member discounts for our events and more. 
  • Except for Young Learners courses, all classes are for students aged 18 and over only.


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Click here if you wish to select another type of course

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