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TEF / Test d’évaluation de français

Each TEF has a different purpose, choose the one that suits you :

  • General TEF : For the general public, to evaluate your French skills for personal, academic or professional reasons. 
  • TEF Intégration, résidence, nationalité : For applicants for French nationality.
  • TEF Canada : For the exclusive use of candidates submitting an immigration file in a Canadian office (outside Quebec) or in a Canadian General Delegation.

Please note that your certificate is valid for two years only.


  • eTEF: Compulsory £100 + Optional £50 per option
  • eTEF Canada: £50 per option
  • eTEF Quebec: £50 per option
  • eTEF Intégration, résidence et nationalité: £150

Terms and conditions




We are currently only organising these on an on-demand basis upon three-week notice according to the availability of our exam staff.

If you’d like us to organise a session, you can contact us via email.

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Once your exam date has been confirmed and paid, it is mandatory to send by email the enrolment form fully filled and a copy of your passport main page, or a valid ID.

Click here to download your e-TEF entry Form

Those documents need to be sent to this email address.

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Please note that a session can not be open without:

  • Your online payment
  • Your form fully filled submitted by email
  • A copy of your passport’s main page or a valid ID submitted by email









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