The Institut Français d’Écosse is the official centre of language and culture for the French government in Edinburgh and has been teaching French since 1946.

  • Our Courses

In addition to general language courses, we cover cultural, business and professional aspects of French, by French teachers. We offer a wide choice of online or onsite French courses and levels, either one-to-one or in groups, at an equally wide choice of days and times.

  • Our Teachers

Our 26 instructors are all native-speaking French teachers, qualified and highly trained professional teachers. We also hold regular seminars to keep our tutors up to date on the latest teaching methods. Additionally they are trained to teach online and deliver you the same quality of teaching with virtual classes through e-learning platforms and videoconferencing.

  • Our Approach

We offer a friendly and stimulating environment to help you gain confidence in French. The emphasis is on communication, both oral and written, through active student participation. All classes are conducted in French.

  • Helping You Every Step of the Way

From the start, we make sure that you are placed in the most suitable class by arranging a free initial assessment by phone. Throughout your French studies, we check your progress regularly. At the end of your course, you can ask for a Certificate of Attendance, specifying your level of French.


Your Path to Success: progression


99 hours
99 hours
132 hours
132 hours
66 hours
33 hours
A1.1 (33h) A2.1 (33h) B1.1 (33h) B2.1 (33h) C1.1 (33h) C2 (33h)
A1.2 (33h) A2.2 (33h) B1.2 (33h) B2.2 (33h) C1.2 (33h)  
A1.3 (33h)
A2.3 (33h) B1.3 (33h) B2.3 (33h)    
    B1.4 (33h) B2.4 (33h)