Amaia has just become a mother, and the challenge is even more significant than she imagined. So, when her partner has to leave for several weeks because of his job, she decides to spend time with her parents in a lovely coastal village in the Basque Country and hopefully share the responsibility of looking after her baby. However, she forgot that even when one becomes a parent, one never stops being a daughter.

The screening will be preceded by an introduction by Dr Natalia Stengel Peña.

Dr Natalia Stengel Peña received her PhD in Latin American Studies at King’s College London. Previously, she studied Sociology and Modern and Contemporary Art in Mexico, her home country. Her thesis Awareness, Denunciation and Pedagogy: the Rhizomatic effects of Mexican Feminist Artivism Against Gender Violence: a Qualitative Approach delved into the intricate realm of how artistic social initiatives are empowering women with tools to confront gender-based violence in Mexico.

In cultural partnership with the Edinburgh Spanish Film Festival.