All Eyes and Ears

16 to 26 Aug

Thanks to All Eyes and Ears, you will learn everything about the mysterious and powerful relationship between music and cinema. Performing live on a wide variety of musical instruments, both traditional and bizarre, two actor-musicians demonstrate how music creates mood, tension and atmosphere as they accompany and appear in custom-made films. Perceptions of scenarios – romantic situations, pursuits, manga and musical comedy – are altered by varying musical arrangements. Audiences will come away from this playful, gently humorous show, not only amused and entertained, but with a new perspective on the power of music.


Two musicians from Zic Zazou, Jean-François Hoël and Hervé Mabille, and a filmmaker, Christine François, offer a poetic and cinephile show that returns to the reverse and right side up question of music and image.

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Institut français d'Écosse