Bolts of Melody

16 - 20 Aug

It’s poetic, musical, funny, moving. It’s the story of two people entering Possibility, a place populated by Emily Dickinson’s words. This place confronts them with a loss they suffered. Ouch. Progressively we see these characters relying on each other and on these poems. It helps them find the words they are missing, until they find their own internal poetry. Between the silences and the glances, the humour and the joy reappear. Finally, poetry enables them to find new impulses of life: the famous Bolts of Melody.

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Diane Albasini is a graduate of the Cours Florent in Paris and has worked in theatre around Europe since 2018. This year she returns to the Edinburgh Fringe after success in 2022. Alongside her acting skills, she is also a singer and dancer.

Lou Ciszewski wrote and directed her first play in 2015. Then collaborates with the association Stop Suicide for a performance in 2016. In 2018, she creates Carré Rond, a multidisciplinary show where she applies a process of "joint writing". For her diploma work at the Manufacture - Ce que vous voudrez - she adapts Shakespeare's Twelfth Night into a musical. In 2021 she founded the company La Meute and presented Bolts of Melody, a stage creation based on Emily Dickinson's poems. She is currently developing her writing through two projects: Au diapason, a musical for young audience and Vague(s), a collection of sound poetry.


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