“Harpsichord en fête”: Concert with Conor Gricmanis and Paul Kowal

Thu 29 Feb
Festivals & series

During their Chamber Music Concert entitled ‘’Ecstatic and Melancholic’’, Conor Gricmanis (violin) and Paul Kowal (Harpsichord) will perform compositions by Nicola Matteis, Elizabeth-Claude Jacquet de La Guerre, Isabella Leonarda and Dario Castello.




‘Preludio 1 and Musica Grave-Presto’ from ‘Other Ayrs Preludes Allmands Sarabands & with Full stops for the Violin – Second Part’. Nicola Matteis. (1676).
‘Sonata No. 1 in D’ from ‘Sonates Pour le Viollon et pour le Clavecin’. Elizabeth-Claude Jacquet de La Guerre. (1707).
‘Sonata Duodecima A Violino Solo’ from ‘SONATE A DUE VIOLINI, VIOLONE E ORGANO CON UNA SONATA A VIOLINO SOLO E ORGANO OPERA XVI’. Isabella Leonarda. (1693).
‘Sonata Prima – Seconda A Sopran Solo’ from ‘Sonate Concertate In Stil Moderno, Libro II’. Dario Castello. (1629).
‘Aria Burlesca Presto’ from ‘Other Ayrs Preludes Allmands Sarabands & with Full stops for the Violin – Second Part’ Nicola Matteis. (1676).
‘Corrente a la Maniera Francese e Italiana’ from ‘Other Ayrs Preludes Allmands Sarabands & with Full stops for the Violin – Second Part’. Nicola Matteis. (1676).


Raised on a farm in rural Shropshire, Conor Gricmanis studied at the Royal Academy of Music under the world-famous baroque violinist Rachel Podger and then received his Master’s Degree at the Royal College of Music under the tutelage of Bojan Čičić. Conor is now seen on stages across the UK, Europe, the USA, and Australia as a soloist, director/concertmaster, and chamber musician. A regular performer and sectional leader with notable ensembles such as the Academy of Ancient Music, Il Gardellino, B’Rock, Irish Baroque Orchestra, and Oxford Bach Soloists, Conor has also formed two of his own ensembles; Noxwode (a baroque string band) and The Wig Society (a Rococo ensemble) which is part of the EEEMerging+ scheme in Europe. He has proudly released a debut solo album of Uccellini violin sonatas and early trio sonatas in collaboration with First Hand Records, and TWS will be releasing their debut album of Mannheim chamber works with the record label Arcana. Conor will tour Europe, Japan, and New York City throughout 2024 and will give lectures and masterclasses with Concerto performances in Ljubljana, followed by recording his next solo album of Tartini and Locatelli in Spring 2024. Conor’s Violin is made by Alessandro Gagliano circa 1695.

Paul Kowal studied harpsichord from the age of 5 at the Conservatoires of Montpellier (Alain Cahagne), Paris 17th arrondissement (Hilton Wjuniski) and Angoulême (Florence Monzani). Arriving in Scotland in 2017, he studied with Roger Williams in Aberdeen, then at St Mary's Music School in Edinburgh (John Kitchen) and then began his university studies as a performer at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire (RBC) (Robin Bigwood). Paul has a passion for historical/contemporary harpsichord repertoire but also for implementing the Harpsichord in EDM (Electronic Dance Music). He plays basso continuo and regularly accompanies the RBC Baroque Ensemble. He is also an organist and a member of the Birmingham Organists' Association.


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