Live-stream conference and Q&A with Climatologist Robert Vautard

Tue 9 April
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Discover all about the climate change and the possible solutions with French climatologist Robert Vautard! This live-stream conference and Q&A is organized on the occasion of the exhibition “Le Monde sans fin” which will open on 10 April at the Institut Français d’Écosse.

Robert Vautard is a senior climate scientist at the National Centre for Scientific Research at Institut Pierre-Simon Laplace in Paris. He is the co-chair of IPCC WGI (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change). He leads the IPSL institute which coordinates all climate research teams in the Paris region. He was the coordinating lead author of the AR6 WGI Chapter 12 on “Climate change information for regional impact and for risk assessment” delivered in August 2021. He has published over 230 peer-reviewed research articles with a range of results on extreme events and their attribution to climate change, on regional climate modelling, and impacts on climate change in a few economic sectors. He is also developing climate services within IPSL with the goal of transferring knowledge and data to decision-makers. He is currently leading a H2020 European project designed to benefit from the new developments in artificial intelligence for attribution and projections of climate and weather extremes. He is also leading several projects linking climate change and the energy sector.