Creative Puppetry for Languages

Thu 6 June

Noting the apparent contradiction between a national commitment to play-based learning and the absence of this in the teaching of languages, M.Ed Tania Czajka will present a case study on the use of creative puppetry as a means to enhance not only levels of engagement and confidence among the children, but also a valuable tool for the professional development of teachers and early years educators involved in the delivery of languages. For this, Tania will draw from her experience as an Early Years Practitioner, author and puppeteer as well as her own research.


Tania Czajka is an M.Ed Teaching Artist and Early Years Practitioner living in Scotland since 1991. Passionate about making the French language accessible to all children through the arts, Tania created Lapin and his French puppet friends with Olivier and, in 2008, set up Le Petit Monde theatre. She wrote and performed her bilingual puppet shows, ran hands-on workshops in festivals and schools throughout the UK, as well as classes for the Institut Francais dEcosse and in Edinburgh nurseries until 2018. In 2017, she took part in the Art of Learning research project by Education Scotland and CCE (Culture Creativity & Education), an experience that led her to enrol in Masters studies and pursue her research into Creative Puppetry. Tania is now dedicating her time to write picture books in her distinctive bilingual English / French style, along with supporting the teaching and learning of French through play and stories.

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